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How do we support our clients? We offer knowledge solutions that are vital for our clients' growth and value creation. Our solutions help businesses break free of the iron triangle of limited access, low quality and high cost of acquiring knowledge.
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With a cumulative experience of 100+ years within our senior management, we bring Insights, Intelligence and Information tailored for your business needs.
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Insights Explore our thinking on issues that matter.
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Tracking Technology Companies for a Global VC Firm

We enable a large, global VC firm to optimize shortlisting of start-ups that could be profitable investment opportunities.

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Pre-Sales Support and LinkedIn Outreach for Lead Generation

We provide support to the client in scaling up the sales of its product that optimizes energy consumption of IoT devices and apps.

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Operational Support for a Sales-Enablement Platform

We provide operational support to a web- and app-based sales-enablement platform for the legal community in Canada. 

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Enterprise Sales Support for a Digital E-learning Platform

We help in expanding the business development initiatives of an EdTech company through sales support for their digital e-learning platform for children.

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Creating a National Repository of Technology Companies

We helped a leading industry association in creating a national database of technology companies which would function like a central repository.

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Understanding Market Potential For Portable ACs

We helped a global portable air conditioner manufacturer understand the potential in the US market and develop a price-competitive, innovative product.

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Metastatic Uveal Melanoma

Through our in-depth analysis of the drugs in the pipeline, know how the industry is looking at countering the disease.

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EV Market in China

Gain perspective on the electric vehicle market in China through our detailed research report.

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